Inspecting and Storing the PAPR Assembly and Components

Inspect PAPR before each use to ensure good operating condition. IF DAMAGED IN ANY WAY, STOP USING THE PAPR.
See model components below.


  • Ensure Filter Cover and Motor/Blower has no cracks or damage. Both should be in place and dirt/contaminant free. 
  • Ensure that the filter release snaps are fully engaged and holds the cover securely on the motor/blower.
  • Ensure that the outlet of the fan/blower (i.e. where the hose attaches) is clean and allows for proper hose attachment. 
  • Procedure for checking airflow prior to each use:
    • Bend the supplied straw (WLSTRAW) 90 degrees at the corrugated section
    • Turn on the unit and hold the face shield upside down, so the air outlet is pointing up.
    • Place the straw with the long end into the tube as far as it can go.
    • If the straw is lifted upward by the airflow so the gap between the short leg and the end of the tube is more than 1”, the airflow is good, see illustration.

Battery Pack:

  • Ensure the battery pack has no cracks, holes or other damage. See Battery Instructions for additional warnings.
  • Battery pack electrical contacts should be clean and dry with no corrosion.  
  • Attach the battery pack (12v Outlet) to the fan/blower and gently tug on the battery pack to ensure it is properly attached and held firmly in place.


  • Ensure that the Filter and its gasket is intact and has no cracks, tears or other damage.  If the filter is wet or appears heavily loaded with particulate, it MUST BE REPLACED. Never attempt to clean the filter by any means as the filter media can be easily damaged or compromised. 

Always store in a clean, contaminant free environment, protected from prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, radiation and chemicals. Replacement parts should be stored in original packaging until use.


Component List

Included in the Packaging:

  1. Face Shield Assembly (1ct)
  2. Air Distribution Assembly (1ct)
  3. Air Hose (1ct)
  4. Power Cable (1ct)
  5. *Battery and Charger (WLBATTPAK) (1ct)
  6. *Filter (WLFILTERPAK) (1ct)
  7. *Shoulder Harness (WLHARNESS) (1ct)
  8. *Straw (10ct) (WLSTRAW)
  9. *Drawstring and Clip (10ct) (WLTIEPAK)

* Consumable item, order as needed

Ordered Separately: 

Hood (min order 9000 ct) (WLHOODPAK)

Note: Order form is below. 

Not Supplied: Tape

WIN Health Labs PAPR

WIN Health Labs LLC Limited-Use Public Health Emergency PAPR

This is a Public Health Emergency (PHE) Particulate Filtering Respirator, which the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) authorized as a Limited Public Health Emergency Powered AirPurifying Respirator (PAPR) on a temporary basis.

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